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Related resources


   Alcohol Concern

   Alcohol and the mental health of

   older people

   Published 2012 



   European Journal of Public Health

   Alcohol and the elderly: the time to

   act is now!

   Published 2010 



Papers presented at IAS conference on alcohol
and older people (Published 2008)


   Adrian Brown

   Alcohol and Older People

   in A&E



   Andrew McNeill

   Alcohol and Older People: 

   Is there a problem, and if so,

   what does it look like? 


   Claudine Lyons

   Pharmacy and Alcohol

   Misuse Services



   Dianne Kennard

   Ageing Strategy


   Department of Health

   Safe. Sensible. Social - Where

   are we now?



   Lynn Owens

   Alcohol & Older People: 

   developing an effective strategy


   Marsha Y Morgan

   Alcohol and the Elderly -- 

   Risks and harm


   Richard Cyster

   Alcohol and Older People

   Community-Based Responses


   Tony Rao

   Alcohol Use Disorders In Older

   Adults: Falling Between Services