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Related resources

   British Medical Association              

   Alcohol, drugs and the workplace –

   The role of medical professionals

   Published 2014


   United States National Transportation

   Safety Board 

   Reaching Zero: Actions to Eliminate 

   Alcohol-Impaired Driving

   Safety Report NTSB/SR-13/01

                          Published 2013 


   Home Office    

   A Minimum Unit for Alcohol

   Impact Assessment

   Published 2012 



   Green, C. P., Paniagua, M. Navarro

   Play Hard, Shirk Hard?

   The Effect of Bar Hours

   Regulation on Absence

   Published 2011


   Drink Wise North West 

   Alcohol and NHS Staff

   Summary Findings

   Published 2010



   National Institute for Health and

   Care Excellence

   Alcohol-use disorders –

   preventing harmful drinking:

   costing report

                          Published 2010


   Boorman, S; NHS

   Staff Health and Wellbeing Review:

   Interim Report

   Published 2009



   Alcohol Concern Wales

   Alcohol and the workplace

   Published 2008



   Trades Union Congress [TUC]

   Drink and work – a potent cocktail

   Published 2003



   Health and Safety Executive [HSE]

   Don't mix it: A guide for employers

   on alcohol at work

   Published 1996



   International Labour Organisation


   Management of alcohol- and

   drug-related issues in the workplace

   Published 1996