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Related resources

   House of Commons Library

   Standard Note: SN/HA/3788

   Licensing Act 2003: objecting to a licence

   Published 2014


   NHS, London Councils

   Licensing Information Pack:

   Resources to inform local action on alcohol abuse

                                     Published 2014


   DrinkWise NorthWest

   DrinkWise Public Health Licensing Workshop Presentations

   Published 2014


   Department of Health

   Responsibility Deal Alcohol Network

   First interim monitoring report

   Published 2014


   Health and Enforcement Alcohol Forum

   Home Office Alcohol Team Update

   Published 2014


   West End Commission

   Final Report

   Published 2013 



   British Medical Journal

   Effectiveness of anonymised information sharing and use in health

   service, police, and local government partnership for preventing

   violence-related injury

                           Published 2011


   Institute of Alcohol Studies

   Institute of Alcohol Studies Response to ‘Rebalancing the Licensing Act’

   Published 2010



   Home Office


   The New Mandatory Licensing Conditions

   Published 2010


   World Health Organisation

   Evidence for the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of interventions

   to reduce alcohol-related harm

   Published 2009

   Anderson, P., and Baumberg, B,

   Institute of Alcohol Studies

   Alcohol in Europe

   Published 2006