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Related resources


The Institute of Alcohol Studies

A brief history of the UK's low risk drinking guidelines

Published 2018

The Institute of Alcohol Studies

Measure for measure: calculating alcohol consumption

Published 2018

The Department of Health

The Responsibility Deal Alcohol Network

Published 2014

Health and Enforcement Alcohol Forum

Understanding trends in alcohol use and harms

Published 2014

House of Commons Library

Pub companies, pub tenants & pub closures

Published 2014

Secretary of State for the Home Department

The Government's Alcohol Strategy

Published 2012

National Audit Office / HM Revenue & Customs

Renewed Alcohol Strategy: A Progress Report

Published 2012

House of Commons Science and Technology Committee

Alcohol guidelines: Eleventh Report of Session 2010-12

Published 2012

The World Health Organisation

Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health 2011

Published 2011

Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer for England

Guidance on the Consumption of Alcohol by Children and Young People

Published 2009

Department of Health

Sensible Drinking: The Report of an Inter-Departmental Working Group

Published 1995