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Related Resources


The Institute of Alcohol Studies

A brief history of drink-driving policy

Published 2018

Department for Transport

Drink drive accident and casualty estimates: methodology note

Published 2018 (latest update)

Social Research Associates Ltd

Drinking among British Women and its impact on their pedestrian and driving activities – Women and Alcohol

Published 2014


Fleet Safety Forum Survey Report Part One: Fit to Drive

Published 2014

Alcohol Concern

On the road: Alcohol and driving

Published 2013

Department for Transport

Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: guide to the statistics and data sources

Published 2013

European Transport Safety Council

Drink Driving: Towards Zero Tolerance

Published 2012

Department for Transport

British Social Attitudes survey 2011: public attitudes towards transport

Published 2012

Sir Peter North CBE QC

Report of the Review of Drink and Drug Driving Law

Published 2010

Secretary of State for Transport

The Government's Response to the Reports by Sir Peter North and the Transport Select Committee

Published 2010

House of Commons Transport Committee

Drink and drug driving law: First Report of Session 2010–11

Published 2010

Centre for Public Health Excellence NICE

Review of effectiveness of laws limiting BAC levels to reduce alcohol-related road injuries and deaths

Published 2010

Dr Peter Anderson (Institute of Alcohol Studies)

Reducing Drinking and Driving in Europe

Published 2008

Institute of Alcohol Studies

A consultation paper response (drink-driving)

Published 1998

Motor Lawyers

Driving or attempting to drive with excess alcohol or while unfit through drink or drugs