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Related resources


   Home Office

   A Minimum Unit for Alcohol Impact Assessment

   Published 2012 



   Secretary of State for the Home Department

   The Government's Alcohol Strategy

   Published 2012 



   Journal of Public Health

   The economic burden of ill health due to diet, physical inactivity, smoking, alcohol and obesity in the UK:

   an update to 2006–07 NHS costs

   Published 2011 


   Welsh Assembly Government Social Research

   Assessing the costs to the NHS associated with alcohol and obesity in Wales

   Published 2011 



   National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

   Alcohol-use disorders – preventing harmful drinking: costing report

   Published 2010 



   House of Commons Health Committee

   Alcohol: First Report of Session 2009–10, Volume I

   Published 2010



   David H. Jernigan, Addiction

   The global alcohol industry: an overview

   Published 2008



   The Scottish Government

   Changing Scotland’s relationship with alcohol

   Published 2008



   Cabinet Office Strategy Unit

   Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy for England

   Published 2004 



   Cabinet Office Strategy Unit

   Alcohol misuse: How much does it cost?

   Published 2003