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Related resources


   Mentor UK 

   Alcohol Peer Education Project

   Published 2011 




   The World Health Organisation

   Global strategy to reduce

   harmful use of alcohol

   Published 2010 



   House of Commons Health Committee

   First Report: Alcohol

   Published 2010




   World Health Organisation

   Evidence for the effectiveness and

   cost-effectiveness of interventions to

   reduce alcohol-related harm

   Published 2009


   National Audit Office; Department

   for Health

   Reducing Alcohol Harm: health services

   in England for alcohol misuse

   Published 2008

   Centre for Public Health et al.

   Alcohol and schools – Executive

   summary to review of effectiveness

   and cost effectiveness

   Published 2007


    Alcohol Education Research Council

   (now Alcohol Research UK)

   Alcohol Insight: Alcohol Education

   materials for secondary schools

   Published 2003


   Alcohol Education Research Council

   (now Alcohol Research UK) 

   An evaluation of two alcohol-education

   products from TACADE

   Published 2003