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Related resources

   Eurocare, Institute of Alcohol Studies, Monash University

   Alcohol advertising and sponsorship in Formula One: A dangerous cocktail (plus factsheet)

   Published 2015



   Alcohol Concern

   Alcohol and football briefing

   Published 2014



   European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing (EUCAM)

   The effects of online marketing on drinking behaviors of young people

   Published 2013



   World Health Organisation Europe

   European action plan to reduce the harmful use of alcohol, 2012–2020

   Published 2011 



   Professor Gerard Hastings et al

   “They’ll Drink Bucket Loads of the Stuff”: An Analysis of Internal Alcohol Industry Advertising Documents

   Published 2010 


   The World Health Organisation

   Global strategy to reduce harmful use of alcohol

   Published 2010 



   Science Group of the European Alcohol and Health Forum

   Does marketing communication impact on the volume and patterns of consumption of alcoholic beverages,

   especially by young people?

   Published 2009


   University of Sheffield


   Published 2008



   Smith, L., and Foxcroft, D, Alcohol Education and Research Council, 

   now Alcohol Research UK 

   The effect of alcohol advertising and marketing on drinking behaviour in young people 

   Published 2007 

   Chen, M-J

   Alcohol advertising: what makes it attractive to youth?

   Published 2005




   Alcohol Advertising and Young People

   Published 2004



   Academy of Medical Sciences

   Calling Time: The Nation’s drinking as a major health issue

   Published 2004



   Saffer, H., and Dave, D

   NBER Working Paper No. 9676  

   Alcohol Advertising and Alcohol Consumption by Adolescents

   Published 2003 


   Ireland Health Promotion Unit, Department of Health & Children

   The Impact of Alcohol Advertising on Teenagers in Ireland

   Published 2001 



   Hastings, G., and MacFadyen, University of Strathclyde 

   Keep Smiling – No One's Going to Die.

   An Analysis of Internal Documents from the Tobacco Industry’s Main UK Advertising Agencies

   Published 2000