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Related resources


   Alcohol purchase age limits in Europe

   Published 2014 



   Schools Health Education Unit

   The health and wellbeing of 12-15 year-old girls 

   Published 2013



   Alcohol Concern/Mentor

   Demon Drink?

   A study of alcohol

   and youth offending in London

   Published 2013



   Feeling the Effects

   Published 2012



   European School Survey Project

   on Alcohol and Other Drugs [ESPAD]

   The 2011 ESPAD Report

   Published 2012 



   Joseph Rowntree Foundation

   Young people, alcohol and the media

   Published 2011 




   Joseph Rowntree Foundation

   Teenage drinking cultures

   Published 2011 




   Joseph Rowntree Foundation

   Alcohol consumption and family life

   Published 2010 



   Secretary of State for Children,

   Schools and Families; The Home

   Office; and Department of Health

   Youth Alcohol Action Plan

   Published 2008



   Young People And Alcohol Advertising:

   A Study To Assess The Impact Of

   Regulatory Change

   Published 2005 


   Honess, J., et al, Home Office

   The Social Contexts of

   Underage Drinking

   Published 2000



   The World Health Organisation

   European Charter on Alcohol, 1995

   Published 1995