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Future Proof - Can we Afford the Cost of Dirnking Too Much?

Alcohol Consumption, Mortality and Morbidity

Key findings from Professor Martin Plant, Alcohol Health and Research Unit, Faculty of Health and Sciences, University of the West of England and Alcohol Concern, the national agency on alcohol misuse.

Professor Plant and his team were commissioned by Alcohol Concern in April 2009 to investigate what the future may hold for the nation’s drinking habits and associated harms1. Professor Plant’s forecasting allows us to answer how our drinking patterns are likely to affect the state of the nation’s health in 2035.

For the first time in the UK, the relationship between alcohol consumption and mortality has been calculated. The research indicates a definitive link: the higher our society’s alcohol consumption, the more deaths occur as a result. Based on this, it is possible to forecast how health harms from alcohol may increase in the next 10 years if we continue to drink at the rate of the last 15 years.

Download the key findings here. (pdf 183kb)