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IAS reports

These papers are usually written by experts outside the Institute of Alcohol Studies. They aim to provide accessible summaries of key policy areas, as well as overviews of substantive theoretical debates within the academic literature.


Alcohol consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK – Second IAS briefing
Download report (pdf) (October 2020)




Men and Alcohol: Key Issues
Download report (pdf) (September 2020)




Alcohol consumption during the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK
Download report (pdf) (June 2020)




Inequalities in victimisation: alcohol, violence, and anti-social behaviour
Download report (pdf) | Video summary (mp4) (May 2020)




Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland: What we know so far about its effects on consumption and health harms
Download pdf (May 2020)




IAS Strategy 2020–23
Download pdf (March 2020)




IAS Budget 2020 analysis
Download pdf (March 2020)




Who pays the tab? The distributional effects of UK alcohol taxes
Download report (pdf) | Video summary (mp4) (February 2020)




A rapid narrative review of literature on gendered alcohol marketing and its effects
Download report (pdf) | Download summary (pdf) (October 2019)




Modelling the impact of alcohol duty policies since 2012 in England & Scotland
Download pdf (October 2019)




Alcohol guidelines for pregnant women: Barriers and enablers for midwives to deliver advice
Download pdf (August / September 2019)




Pour decisions
Download pdf (September 2019)




Financial headache: The cost of workplace hangovers and intoxication to the UK economy
Download pdf (June 2019)




IAS Budget 2018 analysis
Download pdf (November 2018)




Fit to fly: Summary report of the policy debate on alcohol and air travel
Download pdf (August 2018)




Families First: An evidence-based approach to protecting UK families from alcohol-related harm
Download pdf (July 2018)




Brexit battlegrounds: Where are public health and the alcohol industry likely to clash in the years ahead?
Download pdf (May 2018)




Alcohol and mental health: Policy and practice in England
Download pdf (April 2018)




The economic impact of changes in alcohol consumption in the UK
Download pdf (April 2018)




Women and Alcohol: Key Issues
Download pdf (March 2018)




The rising affordability of alcohol
Download pdf (February 2018)




Running on empty: Drink-driving enforcement law in England
Download pdf | Download appendix (pdf) (December 2017)




IAS Budget 2017 analysis
Download pdf (December 2017)




Like sugar for adults: The effect of non-dependent parental drinking on children and families
Download report (pdf) | Download appendix (pdf) (October 2017)




Pubs Quizzed: What publicans think about policy, public health and the changing trade
Download report (pdf) | Download executive summary (pdf) (September 2017)




IAS briefing: Cider Duty in the Republic of Ireland
Download pdf (June 2017)




Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere? Addressing physical availability of alcohol in Australia and the UK
Download report (pdf) (May 2017)




Foul Play? Alcohol marketing during UEFA Euro 2016
Download report (pdf) (April 2017)




Splitting the bill: Alcohol's impact on the economy
Download report (pdf) | Download summary (pdf) (February 2017)




Youthful Abandon: Why are young people drinking less?
Download report (pdf) | Download summary (pdf) (July 2016)




IAS Budget 2016 analysis
Download pdf (April 2016)




International evidence and best practice on alcohol labelling
Download pdf (March 2016)




The Licensing Act (2003): its uses and abuses 10 years on
Download report (pdf) | Download summary (pdf) | Download appendices (pdf) (March 2016)

Click here to view / download all documents (full report, executive summary and supplementary briefings)




Dereliction of duty: Are UK alcohol taxes too low?
Download pdf (March 2016)




Dead on Arrival? Evaluating the Public Health Responsibility Deal for Alcohol
Download pdf (November 2015)




Alcohol's impact on emergency services 
Download report (pdf) | Download summary (pdf) | Download survey data (zip) | Download images (zip) October 2015

Watch Alcohol's impact on emergency services video



IAS response to Alcohol and the Public Purse
Download report (pdf) (September 2015)




Alcohol's harm to others
Download report (pdf) | Download summary (pdf) | Download images (zip)

Download all files (zip) | Watch Alcohol's harm to others video  (July 2015)




Alcohol advertising and sponsorship in Formula One:
A dangerous cocktail
Download pdf (May 2015)




Alcohol, Health Inequalities and the Harm Paradox:
Why some groups face greater problems despite consuming less alcohol
Download report (pdf) | Download summary (pdf) | Download podcast (mp3)

Download all files (zip) (November 2014)



Alcohol purchase age limits in Europe
Download pdf (September 2014)





Labour and the politics of alcohol: The decline of a cause
Download pdf | Download podcast (September 2014) 





IAS briefing: Alcohol, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault
Download pdf (September 2014) 




Alcohol, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault
Download pdf | Download podcast (September 2014) 





IAS briefing: The Impact of Abolishing the Alcohol Duty Escalator
Download pdf (May 2014)





IAS analysis of responses to the Home Office Consultation on minimum pricing
Download pdf (December 2013) 




Is alcohol too cheap in the UK? The case for setting a Minimum Unit Price for alcohol
Tim Stockwell, PhD and Gerald Thomas, PhD
Centre for Addictions Research, University of Victoria, BC, Canada
Download pdf (April 2013)




Internet influences on adolescent attitudes to alcohol
Alex Hartigan & Natalie Coe
Download Summary Version pdf 97kb (31 May 2012)
Download Final Version pdf 1.2mb (31 May 2012)
Please note, this report is the pre-publication full report, and may be abridged for peer review


Conflict of interest in the alcoholic drinks industry:
how important are ‘unhealthy drinkers’ in total UK consumption?
Ben Baumberg
Download pdf (December 2009)

A different version of this paper has also been published in Alcohol and Alcoholism, the International Journal of the Medical Council on Alcohol. (How will Alcohol Sales in the UK be Affected if Drinkers Follow Government Guidelines? Vol 44, No.5, pp-523-528, 2009)


Trends in the Affordability of Alcohol in Europe
Russell Bennetts
Download pdf (October 2008)




Trends in the Affordability of Alcohol in the UK
Russell Bennetts
Download pdf (September 2008)




Use of Alcohol as a Loss-leader.
Russell Bennetts
Download pdf (June 2008)




Insurance, Solving some alcohol problems and causing others.
Jonathan Goodliffe
Download pdf (June 2007)




Youth, Alcohol, and the Emergence of the Post-modern Alcohol Order
Kevin J Brain
Download pdf (Updated 7 September 2007)




Alcohol in Europe: A public health perspective
Peter Anderson and Ben Baumberg
Download pdf
(June 2006)




Crime and Disorder, Binge Drinking and the Licensing Act 2003
Andrew McNeill
Download pdf 338kb
(First published 2 March 2005; updated November 2008)