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Our networks


Alcohol Health Alliance UK

The Alcohol Health Alliance brings together 50 organisations that have a shared interest in reducing the damage caused to health by alcohol. Follow @UK_AHA






Global Alcohol Policy Alliance

The Global Alcohol Policy Alliance is a network of non-governmental organisations and people working in public health agencies who share information on alcohol issues and advocate evidence-based alcohol policies, free from commercial interests. Follow @globalgapa








European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare)

Eurocare is an alliance of non-governmental and public health organisations across Europe advocating for the prevention and reduction of alcohol-related harm. Follow @EUROCAREBRUSSEL







Alcohol Policy Network in Europe

APN is a European platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and opinions on public health oriented alcohol policy issues; working on behalf of its members; with a primary interest in public health and social welfare; organised on a voluntary basis without formal statutes and membership fees.








Alcohol Policy Youth Network (APYN)

The Alcohol Policy Youth Network is a network of youth organizations that work towards the prevention and reduction of alcohol-related harm. APYN develops and supports effective alcohol policy to assure healthy lifestyles and environments for young people. Follow @APYNetwork








UK Health Forum (UKHF)

We are a health charity generating evidence to support policy change. We do this by: Undertaking policy research; Modelling the potential impacts of policies on disease burdens and costs; Producing reports and coordinating advocacy. Follow @UK_HF








EU Alcohol and Health Forum (EAHF)

The EU Alcohol and Health Forum is a platform where bodies active at European level can debate, compare approaches and act to tackle alcohol related harm.