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Public consultations

IAS responses to public consultations

IAS responds to public consultations as part of its role to increase awareness of evidence-based policies to reduce alcohol harm.  


Archive of IAS Responses to Public Consultations

2014   IAS response to Monitoring Drink driving: A statistical consultation on the Department for Transport's drink drive statistics

2014   IAS response to the ROI consultation on sports sponsorship by alcohol companies

2014   IAS response to Home Office consultation on locally set license fees

2013   IAS response to All Party Parliamentary Hepatology Group (APPHG) Inquiry

2013   IAS response to the Home Office consultation on aspects of the Government's Alcohol Strategy

2013   IAS response to the Department of Health Balance of Competence Review

2013   IAS response to NICE Workplace consultation

2013   IAS response to ONS consultation on statistical products 2013

2013   IAS response to Home Office consultation:  Enabling targeted, local alternatives to personal licences to sell alcohol

2012 - IAS response to House of Commons Health Committee inquiry on alcohol

2012 - IAS response to North West Public Health Observatory consultation on the methods used to estimate alcohol-related hospital admissions for England

2011 - IAS response to World Health Organization meeting on non-communicable diseases

2011 - IAS response to European Action Plan 2012-2020: Implementing regional and global alcohol strategies

2011 - IAS response to Science and Technology Select Committee inquiry on alcohol guidelines

2011 - IAS response to Public Consultation on Healthy Lives, Health People White Paper: Our Strategy for Public Health in England - Supplementary response to the submission from the Alcohol Health Alliance

2011 - IAS response to Briefing from the Mayor of London: Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill - Amendment to the Bill: New Clause - Alcohol Monitoring Requirement

2011 - IAS response to call for evidence on Alcohol (Minimum Pricing) (Scotland) Bill

2010 - IAS response to Alcohol Scotland Bill

2010 - IAS response to Re-balancing the Licensing Act

2010 - IAS response to Consultation on options for improving information on the labels of alcoholic drinks to support consumers to make healthier choices in the UK

2010 - IAS response to consultation on product placement

2009 - IAS response to NICE Consultation on alcohol use disorders (prevention)

2009 - IAS response to Health Select Committee Inquiry into Acohol

2009 - IAS response to Department for Transport Road Safety Compliance Consultation - Don't Die from a Broken Heart

2009 - IAS response to Department for Children, Schools and Families Consultation on Children, Young People and Alcohol

2009 - IAS response to Advertising Standards Authority CAP Consultation

2009 - IAS response to Advertising Standards Authority BCAP Consultation

2009 - IAS response to Home Office Consultation on mandatory licensing code

2008 - IAS response to Department of Health Consultation on Safe Sensible Social

2005 - IAS response to Drinking Responsibly: The Government's Proposals

2004 - IAS response to Ofcom Consultation on Alcohol Advertising 

2004 - IAS response to the Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy for England

2003 - IAS response to the Consultation document on the National Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy

2003 - IAS response to Improving Health and Social Care

2000 - IAS response to Time for Reform: Proposals for the Modernisation of our Licensing Laws

1999 - IAS response to the National Alcohol Strategy

1998 - IAS response to Government Consultation on Drink Driving - Next Steps