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Who we are

IAS is a registered charity (number 1112671) aiming to educate, preserve and protect the good health of the public by:  

  • Promoting the scientific understanding of beverage alcohol and the individual, societal and health consequences of its consumption
  • Promoting measures for the prevention of alcohol-related problems and to promote, for the public benefit, research into beverage alcohol and to publish the useful results.
IAS does not have a view on whether individuals should drink or not drink.


How we are funded

To make sure that we represent the science accurately, we have a board of several expert advisers from a variety of fields (including economics, medicine and policy) who review all of our publications, provide us with guidance, and occasionally collaborate on joint research projects. 

A separate board of trustees oversees the running of the organisation. This is chaired by Mr Michael Carr.

The core funding for IAS comes from a separate educational charity called the Alliance House Foundation (no. 208554), of which IAS is a subsidiary company. All of IAS’s legal aims are also the aims of the AHF, although the AHF also has some additional aims that they fulfil through activities outside IAS.

We also receive funding from other sources for particular projects, including the European Commission and Alcohol Research UK.

The AHF itself was originally formed during the temperance movement, which was one of the largest mass movements ever seen in this country, and was linked to a number of other progressive movements (including the founding of the Labour party).  However, times have changed, and the AHF has moved on from some of its original viewpoints.  IAS was set up to continue those parts of the work that are still relevant today – promoting scientific understanding, and promoting effective prevention of alcohol-related harm – and it is these two areas that are the shared legal aims of both IAS and the AHF.

The Alliance House Foundation has a library of archives containing temperance and other alcohol records dating back to the 1800s, situated at Alliance House, 12 Caxton St, London, SW1H OQS (map). A full list of the documents available can be viewed by or downloaded as a txt file.

Access to the archives is by appointment only. To book an appointment, please contact Research & Information Officer Habib Kadiri by telephone (0207 222 4001) or by email (


The Institute of Alcohol Studies is a company limited by guarantee No 05661538 and registered charity No 1112671     


Katherine Severi

Chief Executive

Dr Katherine Severi (née Brown) is chief executive of the Institute of Alcohol Studies.

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Jennifer Keen

Head of Policy

Jennifer became head of policy at IAS in January 2018.

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Habib Kadiri

Research & Information Officer

Habib worked as a researcher and in media and communications before joining the IAS.

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Lucy Bryant

Research & Policy Officer

Lucy joined the IAS as a research and policy officer in October 2016.

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Sarah Schoenberger

Policy & Advocacy Manager
(Alcohol Health Alliance)

Sarah joined the Alcohol Health Alliance as policy and advocacy manager in April 2018.

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Kieran Bunn

Public Affairs & Advocacy Officer

Kieran joined the Institute of Alcohol Studies in May 2019.

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Sadie Boniface

Research Coordinator

Dr Sadie Boniface joined IAS in August 2019 as a Research Coordinator.

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Kellie Donaldson

Office Manager

As office manager, Kellie Donaldson provides PA support to the Directors of AHF & IAS.

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Professor Gerard Hastings

Professor of Social Marketing, founder/director of the Institute for Social Marketing and Centre for Tobacco Control Research.

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Phil Hadfield

Dr Phil Hadfield is director of an Independent Research Consultancy based in Leeds, UK.

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Professor Jonathan Shepherd CBE

Director of the Violence and Society Research Group at Cardiff University.

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Professor Petra Meier

Petra Meier is professor of Public Health at the MRC/CSO Social Science and Public Health Unit at the University of Glasgow.

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Crispin Acton

Crispin Acton worked for the Department of Health for 40 years before his retirement in 2017, developing a specialist interest in alcohol policy over the years.

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Professor Jeff Collin

Professor of Global Health Policy and head of Social Policy, University of Edinburgh.

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Professor David Jernigan

Professor at the Department of Health Law, Policy and Management at the Boston University School of Public Health.

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Dr Gillian W Shorter

Reader in Psychology in the Institute of Mental Health Sciences at Ulster University.

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Michael Carr


Michael is chair of the Institute of Alcohol Studies.

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Reverend Dr Janet Tollington

Vice Chair

Dr Tollington is vice-chair of the Institute of Alcohol Studies.

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Reverend Professor Stephen Orchard


Professor Orchard is a retired principal of Westminster College, Cambridge.

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Dr Marsha Morgan


Reader in medicine and honorary consultant physician – University College London.

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Professor Linda Bauld


Linda Bauld is ‘Bruce and John Usher Chair in Public Health’ in the Usher Institute, College of Medicine, University of Edinburgh.

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Dr Peter Rice


Peter Rice is an addiction psychiatrist based in Scotland.

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