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Professor Rob Baggott

Rob Baggott is professor of Public Policy at De Montfort University. He is the director of the Health Policy Research Unit, a multidisciplinary group of researchers. His broad research interests include alcohol policy, public health policy, health policy, the voluntary sector and patient and public involvement.

Professor Baggott has received a number of research grants from bodies such as the Economic and Social Research Council, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Alcohol Education and Research Council, the European Science Foundation. and the British Academy.

His publications include: Health and Health Care in Britain (three editions), Public Health Policy and Politics (two editions), Understanding Health Policy, Speaking for Patients and Carers (with Allsop and Jones).

Professor Baggott’s alcohol research interests lie mainly in the formation and implementation of policy and in particular in the interaction between government and interest groups. He has undertaken studies of the drinks industry’s role in alcohol strategy (Alcohol Strategy and the Drinks Industry: A Partnership for Prevention? 2006) and the development of alcohol policy under the Labour governments of Blair and Brown (A Modern Approach to a Old Problem? Alcohol Policy and New Labour Policy and Politics 38(1), 2010).