Dr Phil Hadfield is director of www.philhadfield.co.uk, an independent research consultancy based in Leeds, UK. Phil’s work addresses problem-solving and cost vs benefit analysis for clients in community safety, public health, urban cultural planning, place management, policing and regulatory matters, with special reference to evening and night-time economies (ENTEs).

Phil has a background in academia and Research Council / NGO-funded projects. He currently holds advisory board / steering group roles at the University of Leeds, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and for the City of Bordeaux. He is also on the International Editorial Board of the journal Contemporary Drug Problems.

Phil has advised many UK local authorities, notably the City of Westminster, Camden, Hackney, Liverpool, and the City of London on their licensing policies, together with the City of Sydney, ‘Open Sydney’ Programme and has worked on three EC-funded Pan-European Research Programmes.

He is the author and co-author of some of the leading books and research articles on the ENTE, including: Bar Wars: Contesting the Night in Contemporary British Cities and Nightlife and Crime: Social Order and Governance in International Perspective, both published by Oxford University Press. Phil drinks too much coffee, drinks alcohol in moderation and tries to keep in reasonable shape.