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Related resources


   Royal College of Physicians 

   Alcohol and sex: a cocktail for poor

   sexual health. Report of the Alcohol

   and Sexual Health Working Party

   Published 2011


   Allen et al, Journal of the National

   Cancer Institute

   A Moderate Alcohol Intake and

   Cancer Incidence in Women

   Published 2009


   Alcohol Concern

   Factsheet: Women and alcohol – a

   cause for concern?

   Published 2008 



   European Centre for Monitoring

   Alcohol Marketing [EUCAM]

   Women – The new market: Trends in

   Alcohol Marketing

   Published 2008 


   Poole, Nancy A.

   Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder [FASD]

   Prevention: Canadian Perspectives

   Published 2008



   World Health Organisation

   Intimate Partner Violence and Alcohol

   Published 2006




   Royal Colleges of Physicians 

   Alcohol and Violence: Briefing Statement

   Published 2005




   Walby, S., Allen, J., Home Office

   Domestic violence, sexual assault and

   stalking: Findings from the British

   Crime Survey

   Published 2004


   Jensen, Tina Kold., et al., British

   Medical Journal

   Does moderate alcohol consumption

   affect fertility?

   Published 1998


   Fuchs, C. S., et al., New England

   Journal of Medicine

   Alcohol Consumption and Mortality

   among Women

   Published 1995