The Institute of Alcohol Studies is an independent body bringing together evidence, policy and practice from home and abroad to promote an informed debate on alcohol’s impact on society. Our purpose is to advance the use of the best available evidence in public policy decisions on alcohol.

Our governance

IAS is governed by a Board of Trustees and the delivery of IAS’ strategy is overseen by a Chief Executive who is supported by a team of experienced research, policy and public affairs professionals. A panel of external Expert Advisors provides guidance and support for IAS activities. For more information see our People page.

IAS is independent of alcohol industry influence and does not accept funding from or enter into bilateral partnerships with alcohol industry bodies. The majority of IAS funding is from a grant made by the Alliance House Foundation. We also receive grants from charitable bodies and organisations that share our goals and values.

IAS is a registered charity, number 1112671.

Our values

Our core values shape our culture, guide our decisions and inspire us to achieve our goals.

  • Ethical We are committed to an ethical approach, always acting with honesty, integrity and transparency
  • Collaborative We understand the importance of building capacity within civil society and proactively seek out opportunities to partner with and support others who share our goals
  • Evidence-based We are empirical, thorough and reliable. We can be trusted to present the best available evidence on alcohol’s impact on society
  • Innovative We recognise that innovation, creativity and agility are key to tackling the vast scale of alcohol harm. We aim to continually build on the existing evidence base and identify emerging trends to help set the policy agenda in the public interest

In everything we do, we strive to reach the highest possible standards and to make an impact that will ultimately lead to a reduction in alcohol harm.