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The alcohol industry

This factsheet provides an overview of the alcohol industry: 

  • Defines the different elements of the industry – raw materials suppliers, distributors and wholesalers, vendors and suppliers/contractors – but most significantly alcohol producers
  • Estimates the size of the alcohol industry and its role in the economy
  • Identifies the leading alcohol companies in the UK and globally and maps out how the industry has consolidated in recent years
  • Describes business models and identifies key commercial strategies of alcohol companies

As well as making and selling alcohol, many participants in the alcohol industry seek to influence politics and society in different ways. This factsheet also looks at five ways in which the alcohol industry exercises this influence:[*]

  1. Constituency building
  2. Policy substitution
  3. Information and messaging
  4. Financial incentives
  5. Trade and litigation

Click on links opposite to view each section of the factsheet online, or click on the image below to download the entire factsheet as a PDF (updated January 2018):

[*] Savell, E. et al (2016), How does the alcohol industry attempt to influence marketing regulations? A systematic review, Addiction 111:1, pp. 18–32