Nearly a third (31%) of drivers that drink admit to driving when over the legal alcohol limit – equivalent to 10 million UK adults – according to a recent survey. The survey was commissioned by insurance company RIAS, who warn many people are still prepared to risk drink-driving despite a huge decline in drink-driving.

RIAS warns that those in their 30s appear to be ‘particularly irresponsible when it comes to drinking and driving’, with over two fifths (44%) admitting to driving when knowingly over the limit. The survey also claims that one fifth (20%) of drivers in their 30s that drink believe they would be ‘safe’ to drive after six or seven glasses of beer or wine.

Although a lower number of drivers over 50 that drink admit to driving over the limit, nearly one quarter (24%) still admit to doing so. Almost a fifth (19%) of over 50s that drink also believe their alcohol tolerance is higher now than when they were younger – as such the ‘over 50s in particular are at risk of complacency as the effects of ageing come into play’ RIAS warns.

Two fifths (40%) of adults who have driven over the limit reported having encountered serious consequences as a result including losing their licence, crashing or falling asleep at the wheel.

In 2011 it was announced the legal drink drive limit in England would remain at 80mg per 100ml of blood (0.8 BAC) despite an independent report calling for it to be reduced to bring it in line with most European countries. Instead the Government said it would focus on “improving enforcement and education to tackle the drink and drug drivers who put lives at risk.”

In December 2014, Scotland lowered their drink-driving limits to 0.5 BAC.

Source: Alcohol Policy UK