Anti-binge drink ads launched

The next stage of the government’s Know Your Limits campaign, launched today, targets 18-24 yr-old binge drinkers.

The advertisements show young people preparing for a night
out, smearing vomit in their hair and deliberately injuring themselves.
They challenge their audience with the question, “You wouldn’t start a
night like this, so why end it this way?”

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said: “I am not prepared to
tolerate alcohol-fuelled crime and disorder on our streets and this new
campaign will challenge people to think twice about the serious
consequences of losing control. Binge drinking is not only damaging to
health but it makes individuals vulnerable to harm.”

The new advertisements are part of the government’s larger
alcohol strategy. They run alongside the ‘Units’ campaign, launched
last month to increase awareness of the quantity of alcohol in different
types of drink, aimed primarily at middle aged, middle class drinkers.
At the same time, the Youth Alcohol Action Plan has recently been
published, reporting on a number of measures and reviews currently under
way that aim to address reduce excessive drinking by young people.