College President responds to new ONS figures showing a rise in the number of people drinking above recommended levels

Responding to today’s publication of ONS figures
indicating a small rise in the numbers of people drinking above the
daily recommended limits, Professor Ian Gilmore, President of the Royal
College of Physicians said:

“On the basis of these figures it appears unlikely that we
will stem the rising tide of alcohol-related health harms in the near
future. While people’s awareness of the health risks associated with
drinking above the recommended limits is surprisingly good, knowledge of
those limits is still poor, despite ten years of concerted work to
raise awareness levels. Consequently, it is vital that the government
take the next step of introducing mandatory labelling on drinks so that
people are in a better position to keep track of their own consumption
levels, especially now, as more people socialise at home, rather than in
pubs and bars in order to take advantage of the cheap deals offered in
the large supermarkets.”

Opinions (Omnibus) Survey Report No. 39 Drinking: adults’ behaviour and knowledge in 2008

Download the full report here. (pdf 485kb)