Councils will receive new powers to help them tackle anti-social behaviour caused by excess alcohol consumption in local communities and neighbourhoods.

In its response to a consultation titled  ‘Dealing with the problems of late night drinking‘ held earlier this year, the Home Office has announced that it plans to overhaul the Licensing Act 2003, replacing it with wider ranging powers for local authorities to determine local licensing. This includes two important measures:

The use early morning alcohol restriction orders  (EMROs) (pdf 116kb) to restrict the sale of alcohol in all or part of their areas between midnight and 6am; and



Introducing a  levy for late-night licences to contribute to the cost of extra policing, and other costs linked to late-night drinking like street cleaning. (pdf 134kb)



The 12-week consultation invited views from key partners and the general public on the measures, which form part of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011.