IAS and other leading health organisations walk away from ‘Responsibility Deal’ talks

The IAS, along with several other leading members of the UK
health community, has refused to sign up to a new government initiative;
the Public Health Responsibility Deal for Alcohol (RDA).

The RDA forms part of a wider Public Health Responsibility
Deal, which is a partnership between Government, industry and health
organisations. The Deal has four networks, covering food, physical
activity, alcohol, and health in the workplace. The Department of Health
states that in these four areas “there may be opportunities to work
more effectively in partnership than through top-down Government

However, the IAS believes that the RDA will have no impact on
reducing levels of alcohol related harm and has prioritised the views of
the alcohol industry over the health community. 

Download the full press statement here. (pdf 45kb)

Download the letter sent from IAS to the Secretary of State for Health
(pdf 60kb)
expressing deep concerns about the RDA and outlining the reasons why we
cannot sign up to this initiative.