Today, Friday 15th April 2011, the Scottish National Party (SNP) launched its manifesto for the Scottish parliamentary election due to be held in May this year.

One of the key pledges outlined in the document is to introduce a Minimum Pricing Bill for alcohol.

Alex Salmond, leader of the SNP, highlights how he will make the issue of minimum pricing a priority:

“Our effort to introduce minimum pricing was blocked by opposition politicians who were prepared to put party politics ahead of public health.  Minimum pricing of alcohol is evidence-based, and supported by doctors, nurses, the police and all those on the front line who deal with the effects of alcohol abuse.

“An SNP government will introduce a Minimum Pricing Bill as a priority in our first legislative programme and we will seek to build a coalition of support for it in Parliament to match the one that already exists outside of Parliament.”

To download a copy of the SNP Campaign Manifesto 2011 click here.