Professor Ian Gilmore, President of the Royal
College of Physicians, and Chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance, today
responding to the Queen’s speech

“Although the
Government’s commitment to improve public health is welcome, it is
disappointing that how they intend to achieve it was not set out more
clearly. We consider the evidence base, much of which was commissioned
by the government and which repeatedly demonstrates a clear relationship
between low prices, rising levels of alcohol consumption and harm, to
be robust. Therefore it is particularly disappointing that there is no
intention to act on promotions such as loss leaders and below cost
selling in supermarkets. However, the decision to tackle irresponsible
sales practices through the Policing and Crime Bill does potentially
offer benefits to public health. The challenge as ever remains joined up
government. A good example of this would be to include a public health
objective within the Licensing Act so that local authorities can weigh
up the health needs of local communities alongside the broader social
and economic questions they consider in the course of their decision

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