Scottish Parliament vote to keep alcohol purchase age of 18

SMPs voted 72 to 47 in favour of the motion, “That the
Parliament rejects the Scottish Government’s proposals to raise the age
limit for purchasing alcohol from off-licences and supermarkets from 18
to 21.”

The proposal was just one of a raft of measures put
forward by the Scottish Government as part of a bill aimed at tackling
alcohol problems. The Criminal Justice and Licensing Bill also includes
proposals to set minimum prices for alcohol and the introduction of
separate aisles for alcoholic drinks in supermarkets and shops. Other
measures include ending “three for the price of two” type promotions,
and introducing a “social responsibility fee” for some alcohol retailers
to help pay for the consequences of alcohol misuse.

The motion is not binding on the government, who may choose to keep the proposal to increase the purchase age in the bill.

The full debate can be read here.