The ‘Alcopops’ Scandal

The drinks industry has behaved so cynically and irresponsibly
in promoting ‘alcopops’ despite or perhaps because of their attraction
to children and young people that it cannot be left to regulate itself,
said Derek Rutherford, director of the IAS.

Derek Rutherford was speaking in support of the Daily Express’
initiative to seek to ban alcopops and also of the commitment by the
Home Secretary, Jack Straw, that if the drinks industry did not put its
house in order very quickly the Government would take the initiative.

Derek Rutherford continued:

‘We fully support the Home Secretary in his determination to
end the alcopop scandal. We have already supported MEP Eryl McNally’s
declaration on alcopops to the European Parliament for these drinks pose
a threat not just to British children but to children across Europe and
elsewhere. It is abundantly clear that self-regulation has not worked
and that the drinks industry’s so-called ‘watch-dog’ (the Portman Group)
has got no teeth at all. The issue must be addressed both by the
British Government and the European Union.