The IAS Welcomes New Drink Drive Proposals

The Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS) today welcomed the
Government’s proposals to combat drink driving, especially the lowering
of the limit to 50mg, in the White Paper ‘Combating Drink-Driving – Next

Speaking for the IAS, Derek Rutherford said,

“It is 30 years since the 80 mgs limit was introduced and it
is time to join our European partners in reducing the limit to a more
realistic level.

“The evidence is clear – reducing the limit has an effect on
drivers at all blood alcohol levels including the ‘hard core’ of
offenders. Lowering the limit will be a valuable contribution to road

“However, we hope the Government will think again about giving
the Police powers of unfettered discretion to administer breath tests.
We believe that this power is necessary to maximise the benefits of a
lower legal limit, and to target the hard core of drink drive