27 January 2009 – Getting to grips with substance misuse among young people

A NHS report from the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse


Reliable statistics on youngpeopleunder18 who
receive specialist support for drug and alcohol
misuse have been scarce.To address this, the
National Treatment Agency (NTA) started recording
data in 2005/06.This report summarises the data
for2007/08, together with information about the
different types of interventions and the context in
which these young people misuse substances.

This is the base line year for reporting this data.
NTA will continue to enhance the range and quality
of this data in future years, in order too btain a
better understanding of drug and alcohol misuse
among young people who access specialist
substance misuse services.This in turn will help the
NTA improve the support available to them.

Download the full report here. (pdf 538kb)